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Hi everyone! I believe for the most part, everyone is finally on SUMMER VACATION, so congrats on finishing the year off! Now is about time for us to get well rested physically but also get fed spiritually, like I mentioned in class last youth group. We are starting off the summer with a bang with this weekend, as there will be a TON of stuff going on (so this is gonna be a long message lol).

First off, tomorrow is the start of our bi-weekly Youth Round-Up, meaning we will have games and food early before we start the youth group meeting. Those of you who are in the skit, we will practice a bit more between the end of Round-Up and youth Group. Next, we have that youth group meeting, which means friends, games, and the next class in the LIFE OF series. If you need the homework or even the full lesson, either in English or Spanish, it is now up on the website:

Then on the morning after, Saturday, we will have our youth group activity in Centennial Park! You can find more details in the pictures Pastor shared yesterday. There is still more! At 5pm on Saturday, we will have Sociedades, which a full church activity, and we will be taking the time to do some mentorship with you all!

Then Sunday Evening is our Youth Night, so those who are giving a meditation, come prepared! And those who are in the skit, go over your roles (even if you didn't arrive to the practice but have the script), because we will be practicing a bit on Friday like I said before.

Lastly, but most importantly, remember to pack your bags, because next week is WOLF MOUNTAIN CAMP!! I'm super excited to be able to share the experience with you guys again and also I'm very excited to see how camp can bless us again this year. We are leaving Monday morning, and more details will be given in youth group tomorrow. Luckily, since we are going in June this year instead of July, it should be of nicer temperature, around the 80s, so that is something to look forward to.

That's pretty much it, but that was a lot of stuff. Thankfully you all now have it in written form! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, and God bless!